In my last post (first post) I talked about putting this site up and had not really done anything. Since then I took a little bit of time to start customizing but it’s not finished. Don’t judge me. Yes I need a logo. Yes the header image is a poor cropping (the theme cropped it not me) of a creative commons Horse Head Nebula image. Time is not something I have a lot of but I am moving stuff around and getting a little better look. Additionally, I snagged a few WordPress plugins to try to improve the functionality. SEO. Security. You know the type.

Now, about what I am using. I already mentioned Linode (my host) in the previous post (which I have just now found is broken thanks to my changing title naming conventions) but I thought I would also mention other things I have recently used.

  1. .PM registrar –¬†Honestly, I’m not a huge fan but you can’t get .PMs just anywhere. .PMs are a little pricey, so I don’t really recommend them. Unfortunately, some of us have to compete with pornographic actors and actresses for domain names.
  2. Other registrars – The first I ever used was GoDaddy. Reasons for not using them are well-known and documented by others but I do like that they have a mobile app. When I left GoDaddy I went to Hover. I really like Hover. They have a good interface and don’t harass you. I wish they had a mobile app. My most recent registrar, whom I chose from a list of registrars based on pricing and some other criteria is Porkbun. They are a little cheaper than Hover and I like what I’ve seen from the website and DNS menus.
  3. Stock Photos – I’m going for free here. This is a little personal website. I’ve pulled from 2, and They both have some nice photos. My only complaint would be that Skuawk made me create an account to download but that’s a small barrier to entry.
  4. Theme – I had an annual subscription to Elegant Themes for some time. I have used and liked Divi a good bit. It’s been a while since I used it so I went back to what I know.