Why are you on this site?

I have owned this domain for a couple of years and I have gone through some changes here and there. It started as a WordPress installation on a crummy host (who I will not name) using scripts and cPanel to get rolling. I have moved the domain to point at Tumblr but felt the need to undo that sometime ago. When I tried to start fresh with WordPress with that same host (after all the account is still active), I ran into issues with the scripts. Couple the problems with the script, the lack of good documentation, and the fact that my hosting costs have more than doubled since I opened my account (it has been several years but come on, if anything my traffic is lower than it once was and I don’t think bandwidth and storage costs have gone up for this company) I decided I needed to make a change.

Enter Linode

Linode Logo

I heard about Linode in advertisements on some podcasts. I decided I should check them out since my annual renewal with my current host will be up this Summer. I work in IT and do some systems work but we are almost completely a Windows shop and it would be nice to get a little experience with Linux.

So here we are. I don’t know why you are on the website of a URL that has been dead for months if not more than a year. Odds are you saw my email address and got here I suppose. I don’t know what I will do with this site or if there is really a point but for the moment, it exists.

It was fun to get in and mess around with DNS in a different environment (my registrar and Linode) to get the site up and make sure my email was still working. Setting up a node in Linode was easy and spinning up LEMP and WordPress made me feel like a wizard, even if I was relying heavily on tutorials.

I am not in any hurry to turn this WordPress install into something attractive so it may continue on with the default theme and no more posts for some time. Then again, I might catch a spare moment and get a hankering to get spiffy tomorrow. I really don’t know. So thanks for coming to the site I guess and if you are still reading this, I am concerned for you.