Is there a perfect way of reviewing things like movies, video games, and books? Probably not. It’s not fair to judge people’s reviews of things free of the full context but we live in a world deprived of attention spans so it’s easy to jump to a score or rating.

To try and make things easy I will use a 5 point scoring system on things. Only using 5 leaves a lot of wiggle room but I want to stick to it and not use partial points. It’s important to frame these 5 points correctly though. If you see something rated a 3 and try to extrapolate that out to a 100 point scale and then apply letter grades as if this is a grade school test, well it’s not going to track 100%.

My score key:

5 – I love this movie. If this were a letter grade it is an A+.

4 – This movie is good. The letter grade on this is something like a mid B to a low A.

3 – This is a movie that exists. This could be as high as a B but also a lot of Cs.

2 – This movie is not good. This is a D. It may get you by but it’s not acceptable in this household mister.

1 – I hate this movie. F, clearly.